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Susan C. Price

I see ...something...I want to make a picture. I have been at “it” since early childhood. Currently, I am inspired by my memories, live models, chairs, photographs of people or patterns, or bad news. I search for forms that interest my eye or my heart. I love color. A friend summarized my focus thus: Memory, Family, Color, Form.

I approach each painting with creative destruction, changing and turning objects, figures and symbols into complex color fields.  Try, and again...and again…until some resulting pattern of shape and color pleases my eye: being (in some way) "balanced”, large to small, dark to light, intense ...but not all over. When story is driving the work, it also has to remain in the painting, even if only I can discern the “image.” They start as some “thing”, they grow and finish as color and shape puzzles.


Others have said “…technically sophisticated and ripe with personal narratives embedded in obscure figures and objects OR cleverly denoted as titles. asymmetrical negative spaces”, and “ ..You will think you see something, or maybe it feels like you should see something, and it’s likely you won’t know if you see something.  And that’s where the fun begins…You detect the suggestion of some kind of narrative.  You see visual puzzles that tease with humor and wit…  Dancing around the canvas are shapes and outlines, the puzzle pieces that suggest fragmented figures or eerie interiors or wild landscapes... satisfyingly mysterious”


I have been influenced by my favorite artists and teachers: Picasso, Bonnard, Schiele, De Kooning, and Joseph Blaustein, David Valentine. From them I learn, and re-learn, color, shape, line, intensity, placement and having a sense of humor about my work...or is that last part ...all mine?

Member: Los Angeles Artists Association, Women Painters West, FIG Gallery, TAG Gallery

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