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mind, memories & hips

TAG Gallery, 5458 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90036

Sept 22-October 16, 2021

Opening Reception Sat Sept 25

I am usually inspired by my memories, live models, chairs, phrases of the day, anger, photographs of people or patterns, or bad news. I search for forms that interest my eye or my heart. I love color. I approach each painting with creative destruction: changing and turning objects, figures and symbols into complex color fields.  Try, and again …until some resulting pattern of shape and color pleases my eye: in some way "balanced”, large to small, dark to light, intense ...but not all over, color and shape puzzles.

Member: Los Angeles Artists Association, Women Painters West, FIG Gallery, TAG Gallery

anxious magpie, 64 x 64 acrylic on canvas 2021.jpg

anxious, magpie

64" x 64"

(click painting for additional info)

body of work #6 38x38 2020.jpg

body of work #6

38" x 38"

selfie quarantine.jpg

quarantine selfie

45" x 38"

mmmy sharona, blood on their hands, 2020 64.5 x 64.5 acrylic, oil stick, collage on canvas

mmmy sharona, blood on his hands

65" x 65"

(click painting for additional info)

body of work #4, 44x30 2020.jpg

body of work #4

44" x 30"

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